CSR Professional Network

Based on the trends in the CSR & Sustainability domain in India and with a commitment to promote and support the CSR & SUSTAINABILITY MOVEMENT in INDIA, I felt it is essential that a NETWORK of CSR PROFESSIONALS is set up in India as National body professionals to strengthen CSR MOVEMENT of India, while empowering their individual careers. Based on his vision, the network is being initiated to be called, “CSR PROFESSIONAL NETWORK”.

The specific objectives of the network are

The management of the affairs of the Network will be managed by Navjivan Centre For Development but CSR Professional Network separately represented by an Executive Board consisting of eminent CSR professionals from different parts of India. The process of registration will be start after due concern with Members. years of this network. CSR Professionals from all over the country are invited to indicate their interest in joining the CSR Professional Network by filling up the form given below and mail it back to info@ncdindia.org

Note : The management of the network will be shifted to the governing body soon after the registration along with a separate web site to manage the affairs.

CSR Professional Network

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